Committee Interest Group Meetings

Use your chance to get an exclusive inside view in the work of the EANM Committees by participating in the dedicated Interest Group Meetings. Around the Annual Congress most of the EANM Committees organise Interest Group Meetings which are open for everybody.

These meetings will give you an insight into the Committee’s work and provide you with an update on current projects as well as future activities. Use the opportunity to get to know the EANM Committee members and to discuss with them your common field of interest.

Everyone can indicate their interest in specific EANM Committees when renewing the yearly EANM Membership in the myEANM AREA


Timetable of all Interest Group Meetings:

Meeting Agenda & Login  
EANM Bone and Joint Committee 
T. Van den Wyngaert, Tuesday, October 19, 14:45-15:30, online meeting
EANM Dosimetry Committee 
J. Gear, Monday, October 18, 13:45-14:30, online meeting
EANM Drug Development Committee 
J. Vercouillie, Tuesday, October 19, 10:45-11:30, online meeting
EANM Inflammation and Infection Committee
O. Gheysens, Tuesday, October 19, 12:45-13:30, online meeting
EANM Neuroimaging Committee 
S. Morbelli, Monday, October 18, 14:45-15:30, online meeting
EANM Oncology and Theranostics Committee
K. Herrmann, Monday, October 18, 15:45-17:30, online meeting
EANM Paediatrics Committee 
P. Zucchetta, Tuesday, October 19, 15:45-16:30, online meeting
EANM Physics Committee
D. Visvikis, Monday, October 18, 11:45-12:30, online meeting
EANM Radiation Protection Committee
S. Holm, Tuesday, October 19, 09:45-10:30, online meeting
EANM Radiopharmacy Committee 
M. Patt, Monday, October 18, 12:45-13:30, online meeting
EANM Technologists Committee 
A. Santos, Tuesday, October 19, 13:45-14:30, online meeting
EANM Thyroid Committee
L. Giovanella, Monday, October 18, 09:45-10:30, online meeting