Further Oral Presentations

All accepted oral presentations which are not presented during the M2M, CEST or Clinical Oncology Tracks, are displayed here. They are also grouped either in a TROP (Top Rated Oral Presentation) or a Featured Session (with invited speaker).


Please find the track content below:
(all sessions will be released on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 09:00 CEST)

211 Featured Session: Quantification in MPI – A Must!
311 Featured Session: Show me your Heart!
511 Featured Session: New Kids on the Cardiovascular Block!
611 TROP Session: Top of Cardiovascular and Soft Tissue Infection/Inflammation Imaging
811 TROP Session: Top of Nuclear Medicine in COVID-19
911 Featured Session: Molecular Imaging of Alzheimer’s Disease
1111 Featured Session: Molecular Imaging of Movement Disorders
1211 Featured Session: Amino Acid Imaging of Gliomas
1311 Featured Session: Brain Tumor Imaging – More than Amino Acids in Gliomas
1411 Featured Session: Novel Molecular Brain Imaging Applications
1611 TROP Session: Paediatric Nuclear Medicine
1711 TROP Session: General Nuclear Medicine
1811 TROP Session: Nuclear Thyroidologist and Thyroid Cancer Management – Current Update and Future Perspectives
1911 TROP Session: Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Therapy in Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders