Teaching Sessions

This year there are six teaching sessions. Specialists will present interesting cases and will guide you from patients’ history through diagnosis to treatment options.



Teaching Session 1
Bone & Joint + Oncology & Theranostics + Inflammation & Infection Committee / EFORT / ESSKA
Imaging of Prosthetic Joint Loosening – A Multidisciplinary Approach



Teaching Session 2
Cardiovascular Committee
All About Cardiac SPECT



Teaching Session 3
Dosimetry + Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy + Radiation Protection Committee
Radiobiology as a Missing Link in Improving and Understanding Nuclear Medicine



Teaching Session 4
Oncology & Theranostics Committee
Immunotherapy – Assessing Immune Organs and Immune-Related Adverse Events on 18F-FDG PET/CT



Teaching Session 5
Radiation Protection + Physics Committee
Radiation Detection and Measurement



Teaching Session 6
Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy + Drug Development + Radiopharmacy + Technologist Committee
Animal Models – Technical Considerations and Recommendations