Welcome Words by the EANM Congress Chair


Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

On behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, it is my honour to invite you to the 34th Annual EANM Congress.
The event will run virtually from 20 to 23 October 2021. 


Despite the difficult time we are experiencing due to the pandemic, nuclear medicine continues to grow both in diagnostic imaging and therapy. New radiopharmaceuticals which facilitate the study and treatment of new targets are being introduced, more and more protocols which cover unmet clinical needs and new applications are running, and the use of nuclear medicine procedures is increasingly being incorporated into clinical practice and guidelines. This success remains related to that very peculiar characteristic of our specialty, namely, its functional approach to medicine. This is mainly true with respect to imaging, but also for therapy.

In recent years we have proudly celebrated the status of the EANM Congress as the world’s leading meeting for nuclear medicine. In 2019, for example, we reached almost 7000 participants, a truly memorable record. As we all know, the pandemic of 2020 forced all events to move to a virtual format and we did our best to prepare a great event. We succeeded in keeping all of our scientific programmes running with 11 parallel channels and received excellent feedback from participants. As mentioned, we are unable to return to the live format we are used to and would have all hoped for in 2021. Therefore, we have planned a great event with a full scientific programme once more, but have arranged some significant improvements after the lessons learnt last year. In 2021, pre-congress symposia will run a couple of weeks before the congress, which, as a result, has been shortened by one day. Furthermore, most of the several parallel tracks will not run according to the traditional time sequence but will always be available on demand to facilitate access and productivity for attendees.

In summary, we are working on providing you a congress with superb and comprehensive scientific content as well as a lot of other features to make your participation enjoyable whatever you are looking to achieve.


Stefano Fanti
EANM Congress Chair 2020–2022