Post your Abstract Acceptance

Congratulations, your abstract has been accepted for the EANM’21 Congress.

If you want to let your friends and colleagues know about your achievement, you can use the graphic we have prepared for you to post it on (all) your Social Media accounts


  1. Download the graphic above by opening it, clicking right on the graphic and selecting “Save Image As”
  2. Go to, upload the downloaded graphic, make sure to use no filter and then add the title of your abstract (and authors if you want)
  3. Download the modified graphic and post it to your social media channels
  4. Use #EANM21 so we can find your post and tag @officalEANM (on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Below the video there are some text examples for your post.

How to create your own graphic:

Feel free to use one of the text examples below:

My latest research on [ABSTRACT TOPIC] has just accepted by the @officalEANM to be published at the #EANM21 Congress. Thanks a lot to [TAG YOU CO-AUTHORS].

Great news! My abstract [ABSTRACT NAME] has been accepted to be published at the #EANM21 Congress.

Read my latest #research on [#SUBJECT] at the #EANM21 Congress.

My latest findings will be published at the #EANM21 Congress. Thanks to the great teamwork of [TAG YOU CO-AUTHORS] our abstract has been accepted by @officialEANM.

TIP: If your privacy settings are set to friends only, make posts related to your research public by selecting the drop down option within the post that indicates “friends,” “public,” or “only me.” Select “public.” This allows for your post to be searched for and seen by anyone on Facebook. Previous posts you have written, which you had set to “friends” will not become publicly visible.